Interview: Singer-Songwriter Nina Nesbitt

In the next few months, her face will grace posters all over Switzerland: Nina Nesbitt is this year’s headliner at the „Blue Balls Festival“ in Lucerne. In an interview with, Nina tells us about her love for Switzerland, and why she named her album after a chemical substance group with twice negative loaded oxygen-ions.

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Sandro Bucher: You started posting YouTube videos and playing gigs in your hometown Edinburgh about 4 years ago. When was the moment you thought: „Wow, this could become something big!“?

Nina Nesbitt: There wasn’t really a moment, as it was a very gradual thing. It took about 2 years to gather interest but once it started, it was exciting because I was in the first crowd of the YouTube artists and no one really knew the possibilities at that point.

SB: Do you prefer performing on stage or writing songs?

NB: I couldn’t pick. I love both. Writing songs come more naturally to me, I could write every day. But I could tour every day too, I’m just quite an introvert person so I’ve had to work on my performing a lot more.

«I was in the first crowd of the YouTube artists.»
«I was in the first crowd of the YouTube artists.» © Universal Music

SB: You recently released your album called “Peroxide“. What’s the story behind the title?

NN: Peroxide is a metaphor to describe the relationship I wrote the album about. For me, it was very double sided and confusing, but the feeling was very strong. Peroxide can either burn or leave marks or it can turn light from the dark so I wanted a word that was strong and summed up the double sides aspect of love. Also, I dyed my hair blonde.

SB: For your album, you had the chance to work with Jake Gosling, a massive producer in the UK. How was working with him?

NN: It was great, he was able to make the sound in my head come to life and he’s one of my best mates, so it was nice.

SB: Did Jake Gosling influence your style, or have you always had a clear concept of how your debut-album will sound?

NN: I didn’t really know how I wanted it to sound, I feel like it’s kind of a musical diary and more about the story and the lyric than it is a particular ’sound‘. With the next album I’d love to focus on a sole sound I think.

SB: For someone who never heard of you or your album: What can people expect from Nina Nesbitt and “Peroxide“?

NN: A singer songwriter with an edge and honest lyrics in my songs

SB: Recently, you played your first gig in Lucerne. Was it your first time in Switzerland?

NN: It was my first time seeing the country. I absolutely loved it, Lucerne is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited and I’m so exciting to come back. It’s very clean and the lake in Lucerne looked beautiful. The people also seem really friendly. I can’t wait to return.

SB: You will headline the “Blue Balls Festival” in Lucerne this summer. Are you already excited?

NN: I am so excited! I think it’s great – Blue Balls Festival are really supportive of upcoming artists as well as big artists but understand upcoming ones need more promotion and they do just that so I’m really grateful.

SB: You are 19 years old and you are already regarded as the new UK Pop sensation. Have you ever imagined that your career would skyrocket like this?

NN: No not at all! But I’m really ambitious and I’m still nowhere near where I want to end up. I’m really happy with the way it’s gone so far, a lot of hard work has been put in.

SB: What are your plans for the next 10 years?

NN: No idea! Keep making music and playing live. I could be making heavy metal music in 5 years for all I know, haha!

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